среда, 4 января 2012 г.

6 ways to feel better about yourself

 ♥ Don’t listen to negative comments; people will always find a way to bring you down. Ignore them, it’s your life - they have nothing to say about the way you are living it.

♥ Challenge yourself: With anything you feel like. It can be sports, diets, arts, cooking, even school. Tell yourself you will manage, no matter what.

♥ Pick something you know you are/can be good at, and keep practicing. The better you will get, the more proud you will be about yourself.

♥ Accept compliments. If a person tell you you’re pretty, believe it. If someone is taking his/her time to tell you this, believe it and use it as good energy.

♥ Take your time to get ready in the morning or whenever you go out. Wear clothes you feel good and look good in. Do your hair, make-up, the best you can - wear your favorite perfume and shoes. Feel pretty.

♥ Smile, laugh. Be happy with the little things. Besides, according to researchers, both can only do good to your health. It’s proven that if you smile, you automatically start and feel better. Try it!

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